By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

They’ve Just Unveiled A $30,000 Dog House… And It’s Ridiculously Splendid.

A relaxing outdoor pool, a home gym, a luxurious living room, and all the amenities you can imagine- it's the kind of dream house that many of us fantasize about regularly.

Samsung is creating a dream house that could make all your dreams come true...if you happen to be a dog.

Conceived by Samsung, the Dream Doghouse includes all the amenities that a dog could want, including plenty of cozy sleeping space, a tiny grass-covered treadmill, and a self-feeding puppy chow machine. The house even includes a relaxation area, complete with a tiny TV mounted on the wall.

Samsung designed the Dream Doghouse for the Crufts dog show that will be taking place in the UK this month. A prototype of the house will be on display at the show, but only the wealthiest dog owners have a chance of getting one: The house's price tag will be in the range of $30,000.

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Source: SamsungUK