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Creepy Abandoned Theme Park Offers Glimpse Into A Post-Apocalyptic World.

Happy memories are made in theme parks. The life-sized tea cups, thrilling rollercoasters, and fairy tale structures do not disappoint kids as well as the grown-ups. When Disneyland Park opened in Anaheim, California in 1955, many theme parks opened up around the world capitalizing on this dreamlike adventure.

While others had a strong visitor turnout, others had a short-lived run. Nara Dreamland in Japan opened its doors in 1961 but closed in 2006. At its prime, Nara Dreamland had bubble-gum coloured merry-go-rounds, souvenir shops, and just about every ride available at that time.

Instead of demolishing the theme park, Dreamland has been left abandoned and closed off to the public. The location is patrolled to avoid people jumping the fence and vandalizing this once happy place. Still, photographer Romain Veillon took a risk and trespassed to catch a glimpse of what the park looks like now.

Businessman Kunizu Matsuo visited Disneyland in the 1950's. He was so impressed with what he saw, he wanted to bring that type of family fun to Japan.

Initially, Disneyland was involved in the concept of having their theme park in Japan. Talks failed when the two parties could not agree on the licensing fees to use the famous Disney characters.

Tokyo Disneyland opened in 1983, this is when Nara Dreamland number of visitors began to decline.

When Universal Studios Japan opened 40 kilometres away from Nara Dreamland, it sealed the theme park's fate.

Romain Veillon is an expert in photographing old, abandoned buildings, churches, and state homes.

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