By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

She Gave Her Old Boring Dresser The Ultimate Shabby Chic Makeover, And It Looks Easy.

When it comes to a good DIY project, sometimes all it takes is finding someone who has a vision and knows exactly what to do. When her friend asked for help upcycling her old dresser, blogger Kelsey knew, without a doubt, how to proceed.

Together, they created this awesome DIY dresser. It not only looks great, but also appears to be simple enough to replicate - even for those of us who don't have a crafty bone in our bodies. Check out their cool project below. You're not going to believe their incredible results.

#1. First, Kelsey moved the dresser outdoors and took out all of the drawers.

#2. Next, she removed all the hardware from the drawers for easier painting.

#3. Together with her friend, they painted the dresser a gorgeous shade of gray.

#4. Then, they draped each drawer with a piece of old lace. Can you guess what they'll do next?

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