By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

They Left A Tip For The UPS Driver… A Secret Camera Recorded His Reaction.

Christmas is the perfect time to show our appreciation for the men and women who support us throughout the year, whether it be the postman, the guy who works at your favorite coffee shop, or the UPS driver.

One family decided to give their UPS delivery guy a really great Christmas tip, along with a present. They also set up a camera outside of their home to capture his reaction. The guy walks up to the home with some packages, then does a double take when he sees a gift sitting on the porch. Realizing it's for him, he picks it up, opens it, and then -- well, let's just say that his reaction is completely unexpected, and you're going to crack up when you see how he shows his gratitude.

Must have been a really, really great tip.

This UPS driver made a kid's day.

Source: timbob1965