By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

It’s Her FIRST EVER Driving Lesson… At Least That’s What The Instructors Think.

Driving instructors have a special place in heaven. This particular breed of individuals teach awkward, cocky, and even fearful students the ropes of driving in all types of roads and weather conditions.

A driving school decided to initiate their new instructors by pairing them with a less than confident pupil. What these unsuspecting employees do not know is that their student is none other than professional driver Leona Chin.

The prank begins innocent enough, until Chin begins to show some of her racing skills in a small parking lot. The video will leave you wondering if the new teachers stayed with their employer despite the ride of a lifetime. This is not how these instructors expected their first day on the job to be.

When I took my driving classes, my instructor asked me to stop breaking so hard or I would crack his ribs. Did your driving scare your teacher?