By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Clever Artist Makes Imaginary Dragons Interact With Real Objects. LOL At The Oreo Cookie.

Dragons are not as scary as one has been led to believe. The tales of a fiery and angry monster do not apply to Drogo. The adorable godzilla is fond of Oreo cookies and is quite terrified of elephants, or at least that is how twin cartoonists Manik N Ratan envision their large reptile.

What began as an innocent sketch of Drogo, turned into an Instagram darling, with the friendly beast getting into all kinds of adventures. What makes the illustrations so captivating is that Drogo is drawn on paper but interacts with real life objects such as a toy car, pencil, or the globe.

Based in Bangladesh, the illustrating duo have other cartoons that also seem to come off the pages. However, Drogo seems to be the one having the most fun with his mischievous but adorable deeds.

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