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16 Of The World’s Best Drone Photos, Taken From 27,000 Entries.

It wasn’t all that long ago when drones were something we talked about like they were space ships. They were more of a fantasy than a reality and only those that had a ton of money had one. In a very short time they have become more common place and now there are even contests for photos that are taken with them.

To show you how popular these little things have become all you have to do is look at the number of submissions to the SkyPixel Photo Contest. There were more than 27,000 submissions. If you figure that everyone that has one didn’t actually submit any photos that will tell you just about how many of these things are now flying overhead.

This contest was open to both amateurs and professionals and it consisted of three categories. They were Beauty, 360 and Drones in Use. When you look at some of the submissions you will be amazed at the beauty of some of these photos. Anyone that loves those overhead shots will surely love these winners. They give you a great view of a regular area that you might not normally see from ground level. It also shows the beauty that is around us at all times.

A beautiful selfie.

This beautiful selfie at the Spillway won second prize In the Professional Beauty Category. It's easy to see why.

A great view of an exploration party.

This great shot of an exploration party won first prize in the Professional Beauty Category. It's obvious why this shot was a winner.

Fishermen at work.

This shot is called "Fishermen Close The Net" and it won the Grand Prize as the 2016 Skypixel Photo Of The Year. Great job!

Rainbow field.

This photo of a beautiful field in rainbow colors won honorable mention. Look at all of the beautiful colors.

A beautiful area.

This one is called Green Waves and it won second prize in the Enthusiast Beauty Category. Wouldn't you like to go there?

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