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16 Of The World’s Best Drone Photos, Taken From 27,000 Entries.

An awesome sunset.

This beautiful shot of a sunset won honorable mention. That is one great view!

A great view over a sleepy town.

This one also won an honorable mention. You won't see a lot of shots like this around. It looks like it could have easily been a winner.

A beautiful shot of a frozen river.

This submission was called Ice River and it won third prize in the Amateur Beauty Category. Shots like this are beautiful to see!

Look at the colors in this area.

This photo is called On The Terraces and it won honorable mention. Look at all the beauty in this area.

This is an awesome shot!

This awesome shot is called Despectus and it won first prize in the Enthusiast Drones In Use Category. You won't see a lot of photos like this one!

Sources: deMilked, SkyPixel

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