By Nick

LifeBuzz Staff

Further Proof That Planet Earth Is Worthy Of Your Awe. Thank You Drones!

It's hard to believe these clips were taken by individuals using drones, and not big film companies using millions of dollars worth of equipment. Make sure to put some headphones on and make the video full-screen to get the best effect.

The YouTube channel Epic Drone Videos searched the web for the best drone footage they could find. Once they had a nice compilation, they pieced them together into this awe inspiring video. It previews what the future of film will look like as time continues, since it's no longer just an expensive hobby for many who fly drones. Instead, it's become a profession because the ability to capture incredible footage, which was only possible with a huge production budget, is now in their hands.

"It just levels the playing field between major motion picture companies and independent filmmakers. You're talking about shots you couldn't get before because you can't afford to hire a helicopter." -Paul Fraidenburgh

Big film makers have already been using them for a while such as where they shot the James Bond movie "Skyfall", and "Transformers: Age of Extinction". But, now since the FAA has approved 6 top film companies to use them in the US, we should see a lot more interesting footage in the films to come.

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