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Police Raided A Drug Den, But They Weren’t Prepared For What Was Waiting Inside.

Organizations devoted to the rescue and care of abandoned and mistreated animals serve a vital function. They give beautiful creatures a second chance to live free and away from horrible conditions.

That's exactly what the Laos Wildlife Rescue Centre did when it was called upon by the Laos government to save a male Asiatic black bear. It had been discovered following a drug raid and it is believed the animal lived in captivity for years.

The road to recovery for this bear will be long but at least it will have some fantastic people looking after it and helping it live a life free from cruelty and neglect.

Vietnamese police and government officials planned a drug bust in a small village.

When they got to the drug den, the perpetrators were long gone but left something pretty incredible behind.

A male Asiatic black bear, also known as a moon bear, was found inside a small barred enclosure.

The Laos Wildlife Rescue Centre was tasked with taking the animal away from its inhumane conditions.

Rescue officials believe the animal lived in the enclosure, made of metal and concrete, for years.

The LWRC faced the tough task of handling the potentially dangerous animal and getting it out of its cramped enclosure.

A gentle sedative was used to safely remove the bear from the building.

Within a matter of moments, the bear was unconscious and LWRC staff was out of harm's way.

The bear was kept under constant medical surveillance to ensure it was healthy and comfortable.

It was placed in a moving crate and taken out of the hell it called home.

By the time the bear was loaded in the truck, it was conscious.

The bear's new home is a sanctuary and rehab centre 35 miles north of Vientiane, the capital city of Laos

Officials hope to return the animal, named Teddy, back to the wild but that may be tough. He may likely live out his life in the sanctuary.

Source: The Dodo

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