By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Contractor Is Turning Boring Drywall Into Mind-Blowing 3D Art.

When we think of drywall, we don't often think of it as a medium for creating fine art. However, after seeing the work of Bernie Mitchell, we just may have changed our minds.

Back in the nineties, Mitchell was a drywall finisher. He used his profession to begin experimenting with the material, toying with "raised panels on wall surfaces where natural light had a positive effect as a relief form." His initial designs were created with wet joint compound, wheat, and barley stalks.

Now, his work has taken new forms -- and is more beautiful than ever. Mitchell prefers to use nature for his subjects, particularly animals. You can see his process in action below -- and you're not going to believe the masterpiece he creates in the end.

Source: DrywallNation