By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Once A Year This Duck Family Are Escorted Through A School… And It’s So Cute.

Every year teachers put down their lesson plans and join in a yearly duck tradition. The staff at the Prairie Mountain School in Eugene, Oregon, lead a mama duck and her ducklings to freedom. The female lays her eggs in the school courtyard which is closed in.

After the ducklings hatch and are ready to leave their home, the mom and babies are escorted through the school hallways on their way out. A teacher ensures the ducklings do not wander off to other parts of the building. To mark the event, all the Kindergarten students sit along watching the momentous occasion.

The mama duck will be back next year to lay her eggs in the school again. In the meantime, she is caring for her new babies in a nearby wetland.

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Source: Pat McGillivray