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By Huong Ngo

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People Reveal The Exact Moment They Realized They Were Dating An Idiot.

Just because you're dating a person, that doesn't necessarily mean you know the person. People in marriages sometimes even admit that they don't fully know their partners. With that said, the connection between two people can be great until they suddenly realize they've been dating an idiot the entire time. It can happen a few days or even a few years into the relationship. But don't despair, their lack of common knowledge doesn't make them any less lovable! It just makes the relationship a little more entertaining. One day you'll see him/her eating dog treats and the next day he/she might lock the keys for a padlock to the padlock.

But it's these moments that create the foundation of a relationship. Check out some of the hilarious examples below.

#1. At least the intentions were wholesome.

LOL just give him an A for effort, he tried!

#2. Wow, they must be paid the same too.

So do nurses operate surgeries too?

#3. Avocado cutting skills here are off the charts.

At least the avocado is still usable.

#4. What other animal would look like a cow?

How now brown cow?

#5. She told her boyfriend she wasn't feeling well and asked him to buy a thermometer.

He bought this little thing on the way back home from work.

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