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Someone Nearly Killed Their Dog By Dying Her Purple, But Vets Are Amazed By Her Recovery.

"She came in the next morning and we were amazed that she had made it through the night. But still, we waited. She wasn’t out of the woods but she was alert and freely offering kisses," they wrote.

It appeared that they would be waiting for over three months for Violet to get better.

During the three months, Violet was treated with “pain medication, antibiotics, IV fluids, honey treatments, scab removal, anesthetizing, bandage changes, sleepless nights, worrying, hope, worrying, hope."

Throughout the ordeal, Violet proved that she was a friendly and loving pup.

Finally, it was time to take off the last bandages.

"Violet was beautiful. She will always have her own individual style and that’s just fine with her new owners, who specialize in beautifying pets," the shelter wrote on their Facebook page.

Speaking of her Violet's new owners...

Violet was happily adopted by Dunedin resident, David Anderson. David is a dog groomer and owner of Woof Gang Bakery and Salon in St. Petersburg, Florida, and he absolutely adores Violet. "She’s a pistol. She’s the life of the party. It's amazing how she loves everybody and knows no strangers, despite how she was treated," he said.

Source: ABC Action News

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