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These Guys Just Rescued A Bald Eagle… And Then Raised The Bar On Selfies.

Hunting for grouse, a small game bird, isn't easy. These game birds are fast, and you need to raise a grouse dog for assistance. One user on Outdoor Life remarked, "If turkeys are the teachers at being elusive, then grouse are the professors."

Two brothers, Michael and Neil Fletcher of Sudbury, Ontario, did not return home with any of these birds after their hunting trip but they did come across something remarkable: a bald eagle. (Fun fact: According to National Geographic, bald eagles are most abundant in Alaska and Canada.)

Upon closer look, they discovered that the rare animal was stuck in a trap, but managed to free it.

Michael Fletcher, 29, during his hunting trip.

Fletcher and brother, Neil, spotted a bald eagle in the woods near Windy Lake. One of its talons was caught in a trap. After repeated efforts, they were able to wrap the eagle in a jacket to keep it from moving.

After freeing its talon, the two men captured the 'Selfie of the Year'.

There are no words.

Watch as Neil releases the majestic bird back into the wild:

Posted by Michael Fletcher on Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Sources: Michael Fletcher, BuzzFeed