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Teen Girl Bullied Because Of Her Ears Just Had Plastic Surgery, Now Everyone Is Arguing About It.

She's a beautiful18-year-old girl from Park City, Utah, but Isabelle Stark still felt like she didn't fit in. She was born with unusually large ears, and while her ears are pretty awesome, it was difficult for her to live with the scrutiny and unkindness of the other kids.

Ramona Stark

"Kids called me Dumbo or said I looked like a mouse," said Stark in an interview with People. Luckily, one local plastic surgeon could relate to Stark's situation: Dr. Steven Mobley had also been bullied about his ears as a child.

Britta Mobley

After being contacted by Stark's mother, Dr. Mobley took such pity on Isabelle that he agreed to do her ear pinning surgery for free through his own Mobley Foundation, a charity that provides otoplasty surgery (ear-pinning) to low-income school-aged children who are victims of bullying. Now, Isabelle doesn't feel like she has anything to hide or be ashamed of, and Dr. Mobley is to thank.

Britta Mobley/ Ramona Stark

Would you have supported your son or daughter's decision to have plastic surgery to keep from being bullied?

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Source: People