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‘Star Wars’ Homes Let You Live Like A Jedi, But You Might Have To Mow The Roof.

Often times, Star Wars fans get into a competition to see who’s the bigger and better fan of the iconic movie franchise. Some will point out the number of times they have seen the original three films or randomly begin to quote lines and even buy trinkets and memorabilia to prove their point.

Many of these fans will be disappointed to learn that the ultimate fan is, in fact, an architect who has built over 90 Star Wars themed homes in Switzerland and around the world. Peter Vetsch uses the galactic inspiration and nature to designing Earth Houses that are built using concrete, recycled glass, and dirt for plants and trees to grow on the roofs. The finished product is so outstanding, you could easily imagine your favorite characters living in one of these homes.

Vetsch’s houses are designed to complement their ecological surroundings. Now that’s a home fitting for a Jedi.

The original Star Wars houses.

The original Star Wars houses.

Modern-day Earth Houses

Modern-day Earth Houses

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