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By Krista Miranda

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24 Unique Ways To Decorate Your Easter Eggs.

Easter is right around the corner and that means it's time to get your baskets ready! There's no need to hide the same old plastic eggs that you've been using for the past three years, anymore. Time to get creative with it! We've put together a list of fun and easy egg crafts to do with your kids, or even all by yourself. Keep scrolling and maybe you'll find some inspiration to make some egg-cellent eggs this Easter.

Unicorns are great all the time, but they're especially awesome for Easter.

In order to make one, you'll need to buy some wooden eggs from a craft store. Paint the egg white and let it dry. Drop the egg in some dye and paste a mane on it using faux-fur. Use felt to make the ears and gold paper to make the horn. After you're done, put a star sticker on its cheek and add some glitter.

A dyed egg is the perfect place to put a garden!

Just paint different colored X's all over with a dot of yellow in their center. They'll blend right in with their surroundings for your annual egg hunt.

Sending lovely messages to people on Easter is a great idea.

Paint wooden eggs whatever color you'd like. Then using white paint, carefully write messages on them. These would be awesome to use in an Easter egg hunt.

Nothing says Easter better than a bunny.

Paint a wooden egg whatever color you'd like your bunny to be and let it dry. Paint white spots for the bunny's belly. Create the ears by using felt and faux-fur. Then glue a small piece of wire to the ears, and glue it to the bunny. Finally, glue some fake flowers all around the ears.

These speckled eggs are fun and easy to make!

First, take some plastic eggs and spray paint them. Thentake a toothbrush dipped in paint and use the bristles to flick the paint all over the egg.

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