Krista Miranda

By Krista Miranda

LifeBuzz Staff

24 Unique Ways To Decorate Your Easter Eggs.

Eggs wrapped in twine bring a whole new vibe to your Easter basket.

Take a ceramic egg, and using a glue stick, attach a bit of twine to one end of the egg. Gradually wrap the twine around the egg, making sure to adhere glue in small portions.

These adorable little bunnies are pretty simple to make.

Take a white egg and draw a little face on it. Cut the ears out of felt and glue them onto the egg. Don't forget to put a cute little cotton tail on there, too.

The sprinkled eggs are perfect for Easter.

Make sure your eggs are white and then take different colors of paint to draw lines all over it. It won't take much time at all and they're super cute!

Try branching out of the typical dyed eggs this year.

Make sure you use faux eggs for this one. Also, you can find fake feathers at most craft stores. All you need to do is glue some feathers onto the egg using Modge Podge.

These splattered eggs look fun, but messy, to make.

Take a toothbrush and fling paint all over some white eggs. But make sure not to get too crazy and fling it on your white floor.

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