By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

23 Things About Easter They Definitely Should Have Taught You In Sunday School.

#7. Ēostre

Ēostre is a Anglo-Saxon goddess. Eggs, bunnies, and budding flowers are all associated to the pagan religion.

#8. What do you bite first?

76% of people eating a chocolate rabbit will eat the ear first while only 4% will start with the tail. The remaining 5% eat the feet first while 15% choose to take a bite of 'other.'

#9. Maundy money

The centuries old tradition of the British monarch giving coins to elders who are active in their church and community. The Christian tradition began in honor of Jesus instructing his disciples at the Last Supper to 'love one another.'

#10. Ishtar

The Assyrian kingdom in Mesopotamia had the moon-queen Ishtar who gave birth to Tammuz. Tammuz was a god who died and resurrected. The name Ishtar is often attributed to the name Easter.

#11. Easter bunny

The bunny was believed to have arrived in the U.S with German immigrants in the 1700's. Bunnies are quite reproductive, hence they represent fertility.

#12. Sun rising

The word easter is derived from the Hebrew word Pesach in French it is Pâques, Italian Pasqua, Spanish Pascua, Dutch Pasen, Danish Påske or Russian Paskha. For English, linguists believe the word comes from the German word ost meaning east. Another theory is that it derives from the latin word aurora meaning dawn or east.

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