By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

The 21 Greatest Easter Fails Of All Time… #18 Should Probably Get Another Job.

It falls at the start of spring, the weather is usually decent, and the mood is light and airy. These factors mean that Easter isn't usually associated with the stress that comes along with other holidays like Christmas.

However, Easter isn't completely devoid of pain and suffering - just ask these people, who failed at Easter so spectacularly that they probably wished to never see another colored egg again - I feel genuinely bad for whoever is responsible for #18.

#1. The time this guy tried to make the best out of a bad situation.

#2. The time this little lady was having the worst Easter ever.

#3. The time that your intentions were good, but your deviled eggs were terrifying.

#4. The time that this family should have been jailed.

#5. The time this church didn't understand what it had done.

#6. The time when, somewhere out there, a dad was just trying to do his best.

#7. The time this was supposed to be an "Easter egg tower."

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