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24 Traditional Easter Foods From Around The World… #7 Is The Ultimate Comfort Snack.

The Easter holiday is fast-approaching, and cuisine on this feast day isn't just limited to your grandmother's hot cross buns or your Italian cousin's lamb butter. All over the world, Easter food is as diverse and colorful as the different cultures that celebrate it. Take a look at these interesting dishes below - will any of them be making an appearance on your Easter table?

#1. Gubana - Italy

Gubana hails from northern Venice, and is a dense, sweet brioche bread that is filled with chocolate, raisins and alcohol.

#2. L'agneau Pasca l- France

Also known as traditional leg of lamb, this simple dish is made with just five ingredients: Garlic, salt, pepper, olive oil, and the leg itself. Sometimes, it can be spruced up by adding rosemary.

#3. Advocaat - Netherlands

This is a traditional Easter beverage made from eggs, sugar, and brandy, similar to eggnog. The Dutch drink it as an apertif on Easter, and also use it as a topping for waffles.

#4. Capirotada - Mexico

This Mexican bread pudding is made with nuts, fruits, figs, and mixed with aged cheese. It is served throughout Lent, particularly on Good Friday.

#5. Torta Pascualina - Argentina

The torta pascualina is similar to quiche, but is also filled with a delicious fresh ricotta cheese.

#6. Hornazo - Spain

This meat pie is stuffed with spicy chorizo and hard-boiled eggs. It is eaten during lent throughout Spain, but particularly in Salamanca.

#7. Bun and Cheese - Jamaica

Also known as spiced bun, this sweet bread is topped with a creamy and mild cheddar cheese and served on Easter morning.

#8. Mämmi - Finland

Though it might look like Oreos in milk, Mämmi is actually a traditional Finnish easter dessert made from molasses, salt, and powdered orange zest.

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