By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

18 Insanely Simple DIY Projects That You’ll Wish You’d Heard Of Years Ago.

If the thought of trying and failing another DIY craft or home improvement project has you contemplating throwing out your pinking shears forever, fret no more: There are actually DIY projects out there that actually easy (and not just easy for a Supermom).

Here, we have 18 DIY project ideas that live up to the promise of being ridiculously simple and, dare we say it, foolproof? Check them out below and get inspired - even the crappiest of crafters can't mess these up.

#1. A String Chandelier

Wrap an exercise ball in plastic wrap, then twirl string around the ball until you get your desired structure. Cover in wallpaper glue, and when it all dries, carefully remove the ball inside by deflating it. You'll be left with a light fixture that will look great above a bed, sofa, or dining room table.

#2. A Wall Collage

Use strips of cut up magazines to create a cool and colorful collage or mural for your wall. This is an excellent project to do with kids.

#3. A Rope Mirror

Make an awesome frame for a boring mirror using rope and glue. This would look most excellent in a beach-themed bathroom or guest bedroom.

A Rope Mirror

#4. Colorful Pots

When in doubt, simply take some paint and make your pots look awesome before planting spring flowers. This is a DIY project the whole family can get in on - and then everyone can take turns planting, too.

#5. Exquisite Rock Art

If you're the artistic type, simply take a sharpie to a rock or pebble and create a unique design. If you can't draw, try using a stencil, or recreating one of these bold patterns as best you can.

#6. A Newspaper Wreath

Conical pieces of newspaper make an excellent minimal wreath in this DIY project. You can also use the pages of your favorite book, or put a mirror in the center.

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