By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Eco Lamps Have A Surprising Feature, The Photos Say It All.

A botanical lamp is the latest trend in lighting fixtures. Emilia Lucht and Arne Sebrantke have developed a lamp that allows plants to grow when turned on. The Mygdal Plantlamp is the answer for people living in places with limited light and green space.

The German design duo from We Love Eames use LED lights to replace the sun’s rays. The new concept allows for urban areas with limited real estate like apartments, hotels, and restaurants to still be surrounded by foliage.

The self-sustaining ecosystem does not require water. Lucent and Sebrantke allege their plant lamps can live undisturbed for years.

The Mygdal Plantlamp imitates the process of photosynthesis.

There are currently two designs; a hanging ceiling lamp and a table lamp.

The team has not announced when the lamps will be available for sale. Although, they promise their innovative design will change how we view green, eco-living.

Source: Design Taxi