By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Futuristic Ecocapsule Lets You Live Off-Grid Literally ANYWHERE On Earth.

If you could quit your job, sell all of your stuff, and move to a remote location where no one could find you, where would you go? More importantly, what kind of place would you live?

The thing about going off the grid is that you have to find a suitably remote and minimal dwelling in which to do so, and the Slovakian manufactured Ecocapsule would let you do just that. Designed by a firm called Nice Architects, the Ecocapsule is what happens when living the simple life gets taken to a futuristic level. Looking at the photos below, could you see yourself hiding away in one of these?

The Ecocapsule is egg-shaped and small enough to be transported by trailer, so dwellers can set it up virtually anywhere.

And when the architects of Slovakian firm Nice Architects say "It can go anywhere," They really, really mean it.

The home is completely self-sustaining,, and contains a 9,744 watt-hour battery, a 750 watt wind turbine, and high-efficiency solar panels that can support the residents for about a year in any place where there is sunlight.

Inside, there’s a kitchenette with running water, a flushable toilet, a shower, a bed, and work space.

The capsule measures at 14.6 feet in length, 8.2 feet in height, and 7.9 feet in width. It can comfortably accommodate two adults.

The designers have expressed that the homes can be used as independent research stations, tourist lodges, or emergency housing.

Once these things are available for purchase, it will likely only be an option for the mega-rich. The capsules will cost tens of thousands of dollars. Even so, the Ecocapsule is definitely a respite from the stressors of the world.

How awesome would it be to call this your home?

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