Huong Ngo

By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

30 Edible Works Of Art That Belong In Your Stomach’s Gallery.

Food is typically judged by its taste. The dish doesn't matter if it isn't delicious, right? Well, presentation has always been an important factor as well. In fact, some people take pride in how well they've crafted their food. And we're not talking about restaurant quality looks, we're talking about legit works of art! Who says the culinary world can't collaborate with the art world?

Take a look at some edible masterpieces below. We've got all sorts of artsy dishes from Victorian-styled cookies to sushi crafted koi fish to galaxy donuts!

Avocado Labyrinth

Avocados are regularly used as an ingredient not only because it's delicious and healthy but also because it can be very aesthetically pleasing, if presented in the right way! This is a prime example.

Mosaic Sushi

Have you ever seen a plate of sushi so aesthetically pleasing? The perfectly placed squares look like a work of art!

Koi Sushi

An example of a creative sushi trend that's been going around. They transform ordinary pieces of sushi into these beautiful swimming koi fishes!

Galaxy Crackers

Crackers that look like they've come from outer space! In case you were wondering, it's cashew cream cheese and black sesame gone wild together.

Mandala Cakes

Beautifully patterned cakes that deserve the appreciation of everyone. You definitely need patience and a steady hand to create these kinds of designs.

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