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18 Foods You Can Turn Into Jack-O-Lanterns That Aren’t Pumpkins.

Most people this year will choose pumpkins to carve for their jack-o'-lanterns. Don't be one of those people and dare to be different. Instead of using a pumpkin, try using a different food that most people wouldn't normally think of using. The same concept will still be applied! You choose the base object, cut off the top, carve out the insides, carve out your jack-o'-lantern's face or design, and voila!

Maybe even try using a food that you can actually eat like a stuffed pepper or burger. Doesn't that sound crafty and delicious? Let's break the tradition for once and try something new for once.

#1. Watermelon Jack-o'-Lantern

If heat is still lingering in your area during Halloween season, keep the summer vibes going by using a watermelon for your jack-o'-lantern! They make big canvases, so you have plenty of space to show off your creativity!

#2. Burger Jack-o'-Lantern

A great food option to add to your Halloween party! Top the burger's meat patty with a slice of cheese that's patterned like a jack-o'-lantern's face!

Burger Jack-o'-Lantern

#3. Pineapple Jack-o'-Lantern

This one might be harder than the other ones due to the unique texture of the pineapple, but the final product is worth it! Plus the pineapple top adds a hair look to it.

#4. Stuffed Pepper Jack-o'-Lantern

Using peppers will look just like mini pumpkin jack-o'-lanterns! Stuff them with a tasty rice and meat combination so you can eat the whole thing up after you're done admiring them!

#5. Guts Spilling Stuffed Pepper Jack-o'-Lantern

For a more dramatic look, stuff the pepper with pasta! It'll look like guts are spilling out of the jack-o'-lantern.

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