By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

These Huge Trippy Murals Are Winning The Battle Against Boring Streets.

Eduardo Kobra is an internationally renowned Brazilian muralist and street artist, a man that has traveled all over the world and left beautiful pieces of artwork behind wherever he goes. He's known for his vibrant, massive portraits in public spaces, using a technique of repeating squares and triangles.

Think of his work as a kaleidoscope, only one that's created with paint and precision. Bright colors and bold lines are the name of the game for Kobra, making him part of the new urban artist vanguard in his home country, and across the world. His work can be seen in Russia, Brazil, Poland, Italy, Los Angeles, and more. See snaps of his worldwide work below.

San Paulo, Brazil

Dubai, Saudi Arabia

Lodz, Poland

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Papeete, Tahiti

Boras, Sweden

Rome, Italy

Brooklyn, New York

Tokyo, Japan

Miami, Florida

Lexington, Kentucky

To see Kobra's work in action, check out this amazing time lapse video of the artist painting a mural of Abraham Lincoln in Lexington, Kentucky.

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