By Amanda

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28 People Who Have Struck A Winning Blow In The Battle Against Boring Easter Eggs.

Most of us have childhood memories of dying Easter eggs. Mom would break out the PAAS coloring kit, and we'd all watch the dye tables dissolve in water as we held our trusty wire spoons in anticipation.

That's the classic way to dye eggs, but if you're looking for a way to take your Easter eggs to the next level this year, look no further: Here, we've compiled 28 different egg-spirations for your creative pleasure. #13 would look awesome on your table all year round.

#1. May the Yolks Be With You

Use permanent markers to turn each egg into another beloved Star Wars character.

May the Yolks Be With You

#2. Groovy Eggs

By adding dye to a wet paper towel and then wrapping it around the egg, you can create a tie-dye finish that will have all the local hippies jealous.

#3. Doodle Eggs

A Sharpie and a great imagination are all you need to make these awesome eggs.

#4. The Dalek Egg

Some hot glue and a few Lego pieces can turn your egg into a StarWars masterpiece.

#5. Detroit Rock City Eggs

Bonus points if you figure out a way to make Gene Simmon's tongue 3D

#6. Silhouette Eggs

Dying around a stencil on your egg can create a finished look that mirrors a cameo brooch.

#7. Interstellar Eggs

Glow-in-the-dark or fluorescent paint can really take your Easter egg game up a notc.

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