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24 Easter Eggs Hidden In Tarantino Movies You've Never Noticed Before.

Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, From Dusk Till Dawn. What do these three titles mean to you? If they don't mean anything at all, then that means you have some movies to catch up on. These three movies some of the greatest films from one of the greatest directors of all time: Quentin Tarantino. This unique director is well-known for his strange plots and iconic cast members, but there's more to Tarantino than meets the eye. Keep reading to discover some of the hidden Easter eggs that Tarantino hides throughout many of his films.

#1. Waiter Karma

In the movie Reservoir Dogs, Mr. Pink, who was played by Steve Buscemi, complains about tipping waitresses during the breakfast scene. In a strange twist of fate, Buscemi played a grumpy waiter dressed like Buddy Holly at Jack Rabbit Slims in the movie Pulp Fiction. Karma sure does come around, doesn't it?

Waiter Karma

Pulp Fiction

#2. Two Djangos

After Jamie Foxx gets into a fight in the 2012 movie Django Unchained, he sits at the bar and strikes up a conversation with an Italian Mandingo owner. Little did most audience members know, the man he was sitting next to knew Django all too well. The actor Franco Nero was actually the person who played in Sergio Corbucci's Django movie from the '60s!

Two Djangos

Django Unchained

#3. Plot of Kill Bill

While on her "non-date" with Vince Vega, Mia Wallace begins to talk about a pilot show she did called Fox Force 5. As she begins to tell Vince about the show, you realize that she's describing the plot of Kill Bill, which she also played the main role in. In case you haven't noticed, Tarantino enjoys keeping the same actors around in his films.

Plot of Kill Bill

Pulp Fiction

#4. John Wayne's Line from Rio Bravo

When Butch uses a sword to overthrow Zed in Pulp Fiction, he quotes one of the greatest western actors of all time. He said: "You want that gun, don't you, Zed? Go ahead and pick it up. I want you to pick it up," which is almost an exact quote from John Wayne's character Sheriff John T. Chance in the 1959 movie, Rio Bravo. It's really not surprising to find out that Quentin Tarantino is a fan of John Wayne.

John Wayne's Line from Rio Bravo

Movieclips Classic Trailers / YouTube

#5. Amber's Cameo

You can see actor Russ Tamblyn make a cameo in the movie Django, where he was given the title "The Son of a Gunfighter." The title was a Tarantino shout-out to one of Tablyn's greatest roles in the movie of the same name. You may have noticed that Easter egg, but did you happen to notice the woman peering through the window while Django rides out of town? No? Well, that woman was actually Tamblyn's real-life daughter, Amber Tamblyn, who was listed in the credits as the "Daughter of a Son of a Gunfighter."

Amber's Cameo

Django Unchained

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