Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

The Way He Uses Eggs To Make Art Will Give You New Breakfast Goals.

You're used to having eggs with your breakfast. After all, it's got protein and it tastes delicious, and most of us wouldn't dream of starting our day without them on our plate. But things happen when we try and crack an egg open. Either we end up having some of the shell fall into the pan, or half of it ends up slithering down on our countertop or stove. But in the end, we get our scrambled, poached, or sunny side up eggs just the way we like it. But one artist by the name of the_eggshibit is using eggs a different way. He's turning it into artwork of egg-pic proportions.

We're surprised that Apple hasn't hired the eggshibit as an advertising chef for their company.

He named his latest masterpiece, the iEgg! Get it? Cause it looks like the logo on our iPhones? We're honest shocked by the precision of these eggs! It takes a lot of professional craftsmanship to pull this off.

Well, we're sure that even non "Star Wars" fans have heard of a Storm Trooper by now.

Have you ever seen an Egg Trooper? With its peepers popping out like that, cause they're the egg yolk, this trooper looks like he's strung out from too much partying. The Force is clearly with the_eggshibit.

Is it just us or are we all having a flashback to the 80s when we played arcade games at the laundromat?

This guy is a genius! This is how we want our breakfast early in the morning. Now, what was it that mom said about us not being able to play with our food? Tell that to Pac-Man who's trying to gobble that cost right up.

If you're not feeling okay first thing in the morning, you will be when you see what he's cooked up.

Everything is A-Okay for breakfast, and we're not even going to comment on how cringe-worthy that egg yolk is. It might look like a blister on a hand, but who cares? We'll gobble it up anyway with some bacon and pancakes.

Now here's an interesting way to incorporate a little sport with your breakfast early in the morning.

How about some tennis? The precision here is amazing. We don't know how the heck he manages to do this stuff, but we're totally stunned. In fact, he should probably earn an honorary state champ title for this artwork.

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