Once This Egg Starts To Spin You Won’t Be Able To Look Away.

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Easter eggs just got a little psychedelic makeover. Jiri Zemanek and his team AA4CC from the Czech Republic, didn’t use standard paints and brushes to decorate their Easter eggs this year. Instead, they used an EggBot, an art robot that paints and draws whatever design is programmed.

Although, every pattern is meticulously designed using mathematical equations. This is to ensure when finished, every egg will be a zoetrope; an optical illusion of motion created when the egg is rotated on a stroboscopic instrument.

Each egg is a palm-sized work of art. Hopefully, their amazing designs will extend to other holidays.

Permanent markers, beewax, and dyes were used to decorate the eggs.

The result is a film-less animation.

The stroboscope takes Easter egg decoration to the next level.

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