By Amanda

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They Had EIGHT Weddings Around The World And Actually SAVED Money!

Traditional weddings can be extraordinarily expensive these days, with the cost of a even a simple ceremony easily soaring upwards of $20,000-$30,000 dollars.

As a result, many brides and grooms are conjuring up ways to get more value for their wedding dollar -- like this couple, who decided to spend the money they would have blown on one big wedding on eight tiny weddings across the globe.

It's a pretty genius idea, especially for those whole like to travel. Plus, you get some epic wedding photos to show for it. Meet the couple and see their traveling ceremonies below.

This is Brett and Amelia Irwin. From Johannesburg, South Africa, they got married in 2015.

They didn't have an ordinary wedding/reception, either. Instead, they had eight ceremonies in eight different countries.

They'd originally planned for something more traditional, but suddenly, the idea of taking their nuptials on the road seemed much more appealing.

They got married in India, Russia, China, Nepal, Mauritius, Paris, England and South Africa.

“We started in Paris and planned to go to Moscow,” Amelia said, “then I was so keen on doing the Trans-Siberian railway, which includes Irkutsk, Mongolia, and ends in Beijing, which is where the Great Wall of China can be accessed. We both wanted to go to India. We flew over Nepal and stopped there too. We flew from there to Delhi and drove to Agra to see the Taj Mahal, and then flew down to Mumbai where we stayed two nights, before heading to Mauritius.”

Different family members joined in along the way.

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