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6 Women Who Discovered That Age Was No Impediment To Awesomeness.

Society tends to pigeon-hole people in to categories. If you’re tall than you must play basketball; if you are overweight, you must be lazy. The elderly have faced a significant share of prejudice and stereotyping.

If we all took some time to dig a little deeper, we would see the incredible achievements of seniors, not a highlight to their past but milestones reached in their old age. When you think of a senior citizen, it’s easy to think of someone who is frail, dependent and a burden to the young.

It seems once people surpass 65, there is an expectation they will retire professionally and succumb to a life where there are no more goals to be achieved, dreams to realize nor new adventures to begin.

How refreshing it is to see this stereotype shatter when looking at older women who have bucked the trend and are giving a new face to the elderly; they prove age is just a number.

With examples like this, I hope I continue to pursue my dreams well past my retirement.

Jacky O’Shaughnessy was minding her own business smoking a cigarette when she was 'discovered' as a model at 62. She is not only working as a model but landed the lingerie gig for American Apparel.

Ruth Flowers began her DJ career when she was 68. Four years later, her gig gives her the opportunity to travel the world to party.

Known as the world's oldest working model, Carmen Dell'Orefice has been busier now as an 83-year-old über fashion icon than when she began modelling at 15.

Yvonne Dowlen began skating over 70 years ago. Her skating career was almost halted when she was in a car accident at 80 and doctors told her to hang up her skates. Today the 88-year-old teaches kids her sport.

Greta Pontarelly decided to try pole dancing when she was 59. The flexible movements are nothing short of amazing whether it is completed by a younger performer or Pontarelli herself at 63.

The Guinness World Record as the oldest contestant in 2010 and 2011 goes to Ernestine Sheperd. The 78-year-old began bodybuilding at a young 70.

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