By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Kids Were Allowed To Do Their Mom’s Makeup, And The Results Were Stunning.

Many moms let their curious daughters try on their makeup, but this amazing series of photographs documents something a little bit different: What happens when young girls put makeup on their moms?

The series is entitled #DaughterDoesMyMakeup, and it enlisted a group of girls to apply makeup to their mothers' faces with zero limitations. In other words, the little girls were the makeup artists, while mom's face was the canvas.

It's a cute idea, but it also produced something unexpected: Brilliant and thought-provoking art.

“This project was inspired through my attempts to see beauty the way I used to as a child,” Heise explained to The Huffington Post. “I wanted to gain a better understanding through photography; by trying to photograph what each girl saw when she saw her mother. I also wanted to pay homage to the amazing and inspiring role that these hardworking women play in their daughter’s lives.”

The photographs have an element of playfulness, but they also reveal something deeper.

According to Heise, their faces expose the juxtaposition between the way a child sees the world, and the way adults feel it "should" be.

“I want this to inspire people to question their own definition of beauty in the same way it did for me, and to reconsider what we are really raising our younger generations to believe in,” Heise said.

Despite the fact that their makeup is unconventional, the portraits expose a subtle beauty that perhaps only a daughter can see.

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Source: Huffington Post