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By Huong Ngo

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People Shared The Embarrassing Things They’ve Caught Their Partner Doing.

It wouldn't be a true relationship unless you've seen your partner do something downright humiliating and vice versa. If they're someone you might potentially spend the rest of your life with, there's no point in trying to be perfect, right? We're all human beings after all.

Besides, any embarrassing moment can be laughed off as long as you have the right sense of humor. With that said, we bring you a post today filled with embarrassing moments shared between partners. Although these moments probably should have remained private within the relationships, it's much more fun sharing them on the Internet. So sit back and enjoy the humor in other people's humiliation.

#1. She heard her husband telling the dog to stay still.

She walked into the kitchen to see this greeting her.

#2. His wife finally discovered where she's been getting her frozen snickers bars.

It was a good hiding spot at first.

#3. Stages of his wife's despair when they missed the ice cream truck.

I feel her sadness in so many ways.

#4. Her attentive husband playing with their daughter.

Or maybe they're both playing but not together.

#5. She found her husband sleeping like this with a bra on his face.

They work good for blocking sun too.

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