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They Were EMOs In The 2000’s… But Look What They’re Doing Now.

They listened to sullen music, insisted upon piercing their ears/noses/eyebrows with safety pins and leaving them there, and had a variety of shaggy, swooping haircuts that we all convinced ourselves were cool.

We all knew the emo kids. Hell, some of you were the emo kids.

Recently, Reddit asked their formerly emo users to share photos of themselves from that dark time, along with what they're doing today. Their stories and images are definitely amusing -- and I think we can all agree that it's a good thing that one haircut went out of style.

“I’m in the US military now as an MP. Specifically US Air Force. This was all I could find. I know I had worse… oh boy. I still keep BMTH, TDWP, Attack! Attack!, Escape the Fate, Job for a Cowboy, etc. on my gym playlist though. It’s my guilty pleasure.”

"I'm now 27, started my family earlier this year, moving into a house in 9 days, and I'm studying to become a laboratory technologist. Wohoo!"

"Emo. Goth. Emo. Emo. Marketing consultant."

"I'm a special education teacher for high school freshmen. I teach kids like I was how not to do the shit I did. So far, so good."

"Damn. Too late for this. Then I was studying to become a designer listening to Brand New, Death Cab and Blink. Now I'm a designer listening to Brand New, Death Cab and Blink and having my first kid in a week."

“Look at me bein’ all sad n shit. Took this picture with a motherfuckin' DSLR camera. Held it away from my face (took tremendous left arm strength let me tell you) then pretended to look all sad and thoughtful. This is blunderyears material, folks. [The other photo is an] Idaho vacation with my now-fiancée. One of the engagement photo things that normal not-emo people do. Brought my long hair back for a little bit, but it’s shorter again now and I can’t find the good photos of it short, so this’ll have to do.”

"Well, I am a normal, fat 28 year old that started his family early. I own my own home, make 50,000 a year in a medical field, and I am really enjoying life. Here is a picture of me from 2005 and now."

"I work in the funeral industry as a removal technician. here's me in 2008 and also a slightly recent photo. I've fallen off the face of the earth ever since 2013."

"I became a fireman, if I talked to myself 8 years ago and said you would cut your hair and become part of the fire department I would've never believed myself"

"I still feel emo on the inside and secretly listen to the music, I even have scars on my wrist still (no real problems) but I've done a 180 and am a graphic designer. 7 years ago and now."

"I became the police. I also now send couple Christmas cards."

"I have changed some since then. This was me then...I'm now a first line boss, but I still enjoy playing sad songs on my guitar from time to time."

"After the whole emo stuff I went to a video game school, learned to code, and now am working at an awesome startup."

"I was super scene/emo as a teenager but I guess being so into customizing my Myspace profile got me into coding, now a full time web developer and mom to a 4 year old."

"Like many before me, I just transitioned into a hipster. (2005–2015)"

"Art student back in the day, now I'm a care assistant"

"“Went to college, voted Republican, drive a Camry, working 9-5 doing medical research and in a stable 2-plus-year relationship. Nothing makes me hate myself more than filing taxes. The man got me.”

"I'm a proper grown up now, working as a trainer for the bank, buying my first property, paying the mortgage. Still feel like a filthy wee emo though."

"Emo to Heavy Metal blogger. I used to listen to Billy Talent and claim to be a struggling writer because it sounded cool. Now I listen to Led Zeppelin and I am a struggling writer. It's not as cool as it sounds."

"Im super late, but considering no one ITT knows what emo really was, I give you ten years ago me happy go lucky server at Applebee's. Just loved the emo look. Today me: Golfer, and events coordinator for the golf course I live on."

Source: reddit

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