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28 Photos That Brilliantly Capture The Beauty And Horror Of Human Life.

Every day we go about our daily lives and routines... pick up a Starbucks, playfully argue with a friend, chat at the water cooler, drive home in traffic, watch the same TV shows, go to sleep. Wake up the next day and do the same thing.

It's sometimes easy to forget, even after watching the news or traveling to a foreign country, that there is a lot going on in the world outside of our small bubbles of influence. Things both horrifying and beautiful, amazing and sorrowful, positive and negative.

The photos below illustrate 28 amazing moments which capture the beauty and essence of humanity, even if it's not always uplifting.

Warning: Some of the photos below are quite graphic and powerful.

#1. A Yazidi girl rests at the Iraqi-Syrian border.

This little girl with blonde hair and blue eyes belongs to the Kurdish Yazidi sect. Her people are being targeted by the violent religious group know as ISIS. They are trying to kill off the Yazidi blood line, simply because of their religious beliefs. This poor girl and her family had no choice but to leave their homes behind and flee the violent group that was after them.

#2. Toshimana, an apprentice Maiko in Kyoto.

Toshimana is a maiko living in Kyoto, Japan. A maiko's job is to provide entertainment during various feasts and gatherings. They sing songs, dance and play shamisen, which is a famous three-stringed Japanese instrument. Over 300 years ago, the maiko's only served tea and dango to the people that visited the famous Kyoto shrines. As time progressed, the started to perform songs and dances.

#3. The face of a Chinese coal miner.

China is known to be the biggest producer and consumer of coal in the entire world.

#4. Public bus passengers try to rescue a woman who tried to commit suicide.

Reports indicate that a Chinese woman attempted to commit suicide while traveling on a public bus. It is unclear as to why the woman slit her wrist with a knife. As soon as the incident occurred, the passengers that happened to be on bus came to her aid. They tried to stop her excessive bleeding. They also notified the police. Shortly after, the injured women was taken to the local hospital.

#5. Mother and daughter.

Eye color is inherited gene. This mother and her daughter are a perfect example of that. Their resemblance is quite clear. They share the same beautiful eyes. One eye is dark brown and the other is blue. The scientific term is heterochromia iridium. The difference in coloration is caused by lack of the melanin pigment.

#6. Taking a break at Burning Man.

This woman is pictured is one of the thousands of attendees at the annual Burning Man Festival. The Black Rock Desert in northern Nevada is home to this unique event. During the last week of August, creative individuals from all across the country come to the desert to express themselves through various forms of art.

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