Huong Ngo

By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

24 Crafty Reasons You Should Be Drinking MORE Wine.

If you're a wine lover, then you understand the burden of not knowing what to do with all your wine bottles once you've emptied them. Sure recycling them would typically be the obvious answer but sometimes these bottles are just too pretty to throw away.

So maybe you keep the first one and then the next thing you know you're keeping all of them and now you're left with a collection you didn't mean to start. Well, we've got great news for you: you can repurpose those fancy looking bottles into something that may actually be of use to you.

You can use them as decor, as a planter, a dish, a candle, and as accessories to help you build new furniture -- anything, really! Ok, maybe not ANYTHING, but you can make lots of things. Here's some DIY projects to help get you started.

#1. Add a little bit of lace to the bottom of your bottle and some decorative dripping paint to create unique centerpieces.

#2. Decoupage broken up pieces of a map onto a bottle to create a great gift for a friend who loves to travel.

You can also use your favorite sheets of music or anything that may have some special meaning.

#3. If you've got quite a few of those empty bottles, try creating a bookshelf out of them by placing a plank of wood between each set of bottles.

#4. Recreate these gorgeous illuminating bottles simply by adding a cheap string of lights into the bottle.

Get LED lights so that they won't heat up!

#5. Use wine bottles as an alternative to table legs!

And then use the necks that come up on top of the table as vases and/or candle holders. So beautiful.

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