Huong Ngo

By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

24 Crafty Reasons You Should Be Drinking MORE Wine.

#6. Etch your favorite quote or song lyric onto a bottle and turn it into an extravagant wine bottle candle by putting a big candle on top.

It'll provided the perfect ambiance for a romantic candlelit dinner.

#7. If you have a Hawaiian themed party coming up, turn those empty bottles into some cool tiki torches that'll amaze everyone.

It will also help to keep the mosquitos away.

#8. Now this is the project for people who have LOTS of empty wine bottles. Put them all together to create a rustic chandelier!

You can use all of the same bottle to create a more uniform look or you can mix and match different styles.

#9. Cut off just one side of a wine bottle to recreate this stunning planter that can be used for an army of succulents.

Succulents are so easy to grow.

#10. Cut off the bottom of your wine bottles to create kitchen pendants for light.

Wrap them in decorative wire afterwards!

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