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Mysterious Gift To A Shelter Meant That Every Animal Found A Forever Home.

By the time Tuesday the 27th was over, there were no more pets left to adopt. All of the cages were empty!

This is a sight that not many shelters will ever see. It all happened because of one very nice anonymous donor!

The staff was very happy that all of their clients had found new homes. It's a sight that isn't witnessed very often.

The staff puts in a lot of work to take care of the animals and find them good homes. One staff member said that “It’s always an emotional experience when one of our longer-term residents finally goes home.”

The staff member said that their job isn't done, however. There are more animals to be rescued and given to good homes. “Thank you again to our anonymous donor. We promise to not stop working until they all have a home.”

Source: Forsyth Humane Society

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