By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

14 Historical ‘Escort’ Cards That Prove Your Great-Grandfather Used The WORST Pick-Up Lines.

What's your favorite pick up line? Is it even possible to have a favorite pick up line? Let's face it: Most love connections aren't made the old fashioned way anymore, because there's too many new ways to meet people. Facebook, Tinder, and other online dating sites pretty much remove the need for pickup lines altogether. But back in the 19th century none of those things existed.

Then, women and men had to get creative with their pickup lines, especially those who weren't tied to the rigid social structure and ritual of aristocracy. Regular folks would present cards like these to people they were interested in, hoping that it would result in a romantic rendezvous. If not, no big deal. In fact, one collector of cards like these, Alan Mays, said that in the 19th century, the card was "a common means of introduction, never taken too seriously."

Check out the amusing cards below - would any of these work on you?

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