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Couple Got Married On Everest, And The Photos Are Seriously Majestic.

They say that if you really want something, you’ll go to any lengths to get it. But what if you really love someone and feel on top of the world when you’re with them? Would you go on an epic hike to actually be on top of the world so you could marry them in the edgiest of ceremonies? Well, this couple did, and their entire photoshoot was breathtaking and risky to say the least. Love can move mountains, but it also moves folks to try new ways to forever remember their special day.

Ain’t no mountain high enough, at least for this California couple who decided to tie the knot on top of Mt. Everest.

35-year-old James Sisson and 32-year-old Ashley Schmeider wanted to get married in an epic momentum on top of the ice-cold iconic mount. But getting there wasn’t an easy quest.

The freezing temperatures, potential hypothermia, and long distances are enough to deter people from trying this themselves

But Ashley and James are no ordinary couple. The adventurous pair spent an entire year carefully planning every detail. So in sickness and in health, they embarked on a really cool adventure of their own.

They didn’t just dream of it, they trained for it!

It’s not like your average Joe can one day decide to hop on a plane and land on top of the mount and get hitched just like that. This is one of those instances where money won’t do you any good unless you’ve got determination.

If you want to access the peak, you better be ready and train hard to avoid any mishaps along the way.

That’s why they trained their bodies for a year in order to pull off this majestic wedding. But the way to the top is a hectic one, as it took them 3 weeks to reach the 17,000-foot-base camp.

The duo arrived in Nepal in March, and finally got hitched at the base camp.

But they didn’t need to mount tripods and take thousands of shots in order to pick a few photos that sort of made the cut. Oh no! They were accompanied by their talented photographer, Charleton Churchill.

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