By Leilani

LifeBuzz Staff

26 Life Hacks Everyone Should Know About And Why.

#8. Remove pills with a razor, then use a lint roller or a piece of tape to clean up the mess.

#9. Work like a pro in the kitchen with a hands-free cookbook hung by a pant hanger.

#10. You can at least look like a connoisseur by correcting the way you hold a wine glass.

#11. Tuck the corners of your fitted sheet into one another to fold it correctly.

#12. Are your muscles a little weak? Use duct tape to remove a stubborn lid.

#13. To do as little peeling as possible, crack the ends of a hardboiled eggs and blow.

#14. Improve the appearance of your hardwood floors by rubbing them with raw walnuts. This will help "erase" marks, depending on the type of wood.

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