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21 Everyday Items With Secret Uses… You’ll Kick Yourself For Not Knowing #11.

#6. Toblerone

Even though you'd probably eat it in one sitting like an animal, Toblerone chocolate bars are separated into tiny bite sized portions so you'd easily cut them and snack.



#7. The Hole in Your Pen

No, it's not there as a sleazy way to dry out your pen's ink so you're forced to get a new one. It's there to prevent choking. Business Insider came out with a study that showed more than 10,000 people choked on caps and different parts of pencils and pens, so that hole over there might just save yours or your kids' life.

The Hole in Your Pen

Ruben Pinto

#8. Chinese Takeout Containers

They're not just a eco-friendly way to store the food, they're meant to be unfolded and used as dinner plates. Then you can put it back up and store whatever leftovers you have.

Chinese Takeout Containers

YouTube / Buzzfeed

#9. That Baby Strawberry Next To The Big Pincushion

You've probably seen that tiny strawberry baby hanging from a large strawberry momma. It's there as an emergency tool for your needles. The shape dates back from an era where strawberries were used as a polishing agent to get rid of rust, sharper and polish everyday objects.

That Baby Strawberry Next To The Big Pincushion

Ali Blumenthal / RD

#10. Perforation On Your Aluminum Wrap Box

Those little holes on the sides of aluminum wrap boxes are actually there to end locks, keeping the aluminum rolls lock tight. Nothing in life is random huh?

Perforation On Your Aluminum Wrap Box

Ali Blumenthal / RD

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