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28 Facts That Will Change The Way You Look At Everyday Objects.

A fact is something that is undeniably true and has already been proven. That's what makes them so interesting — because they're real. With that said, the best facts are the bizarre ones — the ones that we can barely believe are true. These are the ones that not only blow your mind but can put you into deep ponder for a moment. Take a moment to check out the list of 30 interesting and weird facts below.

Maybe one day you can use one of these facts as small talk or an icebreaker.

#1. ATM Pins

ATM pins were originally supposed to have six digits. The inventor changed it to four digits, however, because his wife claimed she could only remember that many numbers.

#2. Matches Vs. Lighters

You would think matches were invented before lighters, right? It only makes logical sense. Wrong. Lighters were made before matches.

Matches Vs. Lighters


#3. Padlock Hole

Have you ever wondered why there's a hole on the bottom of padlocks? Well, it's there to let water drain out of the lock when it's being used outdoors. This way, the lock won't rust from rain or freeze from cold weather.

#4. Mattress Bugs

In a course of ten years, an average mattress doubles in weight. All that extra weight comes from an accumulation of dust mite poop and dust mites. Invest in a new bed as often as possible, people!

#5. T-shirt Invention

T-shirts were originally invented all the way back in 1904 for bachelors who didn't have a wife or any sewing skills.

T-shirt Invention

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