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28 Facts That Will Change The Way You Look At Everyday Objects.

#6. Chocolate Medicine

Chocolate milk nowadays is a beverage we enjoy simply for its delicious taste. But did you know that it was originally sold as medicine by its Irish physician inventor?

#7. Wine and Champagne Bottle Indentations

The indentations on the bottom of wine and champagne bottles are there to help evenly distribute the pressure of the contents inside the bottle.

#8. Naughty Tic Tac

Tic Tac's claim to be sugar-free when they're actually 98% made of sugar. The FDA doesn't let food label themselves as "sugar-free," unless they have less than .5 grams of sugar per serving. A typical serving size of a Tic Tac is .49 grams.

Naughty Tic Tac

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#9. Ring Germs

Wearing a ring can be more unsanitary than you think. The number of germs living beneath the ring you're wearing could be equivalent to the entire population of Europe, which is about 730 million.

Ring Germs

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#10. Pineapple Salt

Although it sounds weird, adding salt to a pineapple makes it taste sweeter. Don't knock it until you try it.

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