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20 Sinister Looking Buildings That Could Easily Be A Super-Villain’s Lair.

Have you ever wondered if you were an evil super villain in real life, what your secret lair or headquarters would look like? Would it be more on the extravagant side or lowkey? Will it look obviously diabolical or will it be something people would least expect? Well we've compiled a few sinister looking buildings that might give you some inspiration.

No, they're not real super villain lairs (so we think). They're just really creatively designed! There are all sorts of buildings below including a dancing house, isolated research lab, churches, a train station and much more! Even if you're not a mischievous villain, you'll definitely appreciate all the cool architecture below.

#1. Polygone Riviera, France

It's like a super villain's evil lair and the eyes of the peeping man are the security cameras of the premises.

#2. Buzludzha, Bulgaria

Doesn't it look like Captain America and Iron Man fought here? All those wrecked pieces everywhere, yup there was definitely an epic fight here.

Buzludzha, Bulgaria

Nikon Morris , KamrenB Photography

#3. Riverside Museum, Glasgow, UK

The building shape alone already looks intriguing but the glowing green light from inside just makes it look super wicked.

#4. Catholic Church, Paks, Hungary

Is anyone else getting Lord of the Rings vibes from this building? Sauron, is that you??

#5. Hallgrímskirkja, Reykjavík, Iceland

The building alone almost looks too intimidating to enter. Definitely wouldn't even dare think about being disrespectful in this church.

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