By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Funny Professor Gave His Students HILARIOUS Extra Credit Questions.

Remember college exams? In addition to being the main stressor of your early twenties existence, there was always a little bit of hope for redemption: The extra credit questions.

Usually, extra credit meant some kind of obscure question or problem that was covered in class (but just barely), a special bonus the professor gave to those students who were listening really, really well.

But this professor decided to go a different route with his extra credit questions: Instead of grilling students on the subject at hand, he decided to have a bit of fun and ask far more important questions.

Looks like an intimidating exam, right?

But the fun begins when the extra credit starts.

Some of them are lyrically focused...

...while others tap into your commercial knowledge.

In a way, the professor is still making sure that his students are listening...

...and not jus to him, but others as well.

Leo knowledge is of the utmost importance.

And suddenly, the exam room got a little louder...

...but hopefully, everyone managed to read the fine print.

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Source: reddit