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20 Ordinary Objects That Got A Total Upgrade.

Designers are always coming up with new ways to give ordinary objects a brand-new makeover. That way when the item goes on sale, people will think it’s the greatest thing to come along in ages. So, if you thought that everything in the world has already been conceived of, guess again. Here’s a list of old items that have gotten a new spin. These designs are off the charts because they are so brilliant, you’ll want them in your shopping cart today! Now, get ready to look upon the simplest objects with the most unexpected design boosts.

How about sharing this chocolate bar that’s divided into unequal pieces with those you love?

You can teach your kids some fractions and what the lowest common denominator is. But be careful or you might also teach them who the favorite in the family is when you give your favorite the biggest piece. But it’s a cool way of incorporating fractions in real life.

Artwork on the bottom of dishes isn’t exactly a new thing but this is no ordinary dish.

East meets west with this dish that has an indentation of a Japanese Shinto Shrine in the center. The sunset, the shrine, and the water seemed to come alive when you pour some soy sauce on it. It’s almost too pretty to eat out of.

These wedding rings have the fingerprints of the bride and groom engraved on them.

It’s definitely romantic and more affordable than diamonds. Plus, if you ever happen to commit a crime, you can frame your better half by leaving their fingerprints on the crime scene. You can also unlock each other’s phones with it.

If you really want to prank your family or annoy your house guests then get these plates.

When you glance at it, it looks like an intricately designed blue and white plate. But then your eyes wander towards the fly and you try to squash it but you can’t because it’s just painted on as part of the design.

How do you feel about owning a pan that makes hexagonal shapes of the oil you pour in it?

It doesn’t seem to have any purpose at all. After all, when you crack an egg and pour it in, the oil shape is going to disperse. But it would probably look cool enough to show your friends when you’re making them breakfast.

How do you feel about owning a pan that makes hexagonal shapes of the oil you pour in it?

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